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What is a growth hacking mindset, and how to develop it?


The growth hacking mindset is a way of looking at objections and events. For instance, a person with a growth hacking mindset does not grasp onto his worldview and knows that he does not know everything, so he has to learn and experiment with a SaaS marketing agency.


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Growth hacking mindset

A growth hacking mindset deals with business problems where you look for alternative solutions, prioritize progression over perfection and use data and new techniques under a SaaS marketing agency. 

Growth hackers are a unique breed of talent shaped over the past decade as growth hacking becomes a mainstream disciple under a growth hacking agency. The discipline has a long way to go, especially when it comes to standardization, but what brings everything together is the growth hacker mindset under a SaaS marketing agency.

What does a growth hacker do?

A growth hacker manages the growth cycle, a three-phase process from growth problem to hacking and scaling it. It also utilizes the T-shaped skills that help a growth hacker execute under a SaaS marketing agency.

Growth hacking habits:


They use an open approach to gain resources, use them, and find solutions to growth problems. It often is the underpinning factor behind their creativity under a SaaS marketing agency.


When using an open approach, they work flexibly to solve growth problems knowing they have yet to have the exact solution but need to be flexible in finding it under a growth hacking agency.

No ego

They focus on removing their ego from the equation; often, this is challenged by technical thinking – blinding them from finding creative solutions under a SaaS marketing agency.


They take bold yet calculated risks, often in a progressive manner, to manage unknown facts that are not seen early on under a growth hacking agency.

Fresh perspective

They focus on finding new ways to solve existing problems by finding new solutions yet to be attempted or poorly executed under a SaaS marketing agency.


They are open-handed to negotiate and broker the acquisition of new resources by being generous to open new doors under a growth hacking agency.

Team focused

They often are challenged with trust, but when they develop their small groups of trusted people, they thrive by forming collective learning and efforts under a SaaS marketing agency.

Listen before action

They focus on getting useful quality information before taking action to manage their risks and develop better growth hacks quicker and easier under a growth hacking agency.

Cohesive approach

They focus on developing networks beyond their teams to exchange know-how and cross-development opportunities under a growth hacking agency.


They focus on developing a common approach to ensure buy-in and momentum to generate the energy needed to undertake large initiatives under a SaaS marketing agency.


They often are challenged with being diplomatic, which is key to ensuring relationships supersede technical barriers to get solutions under a growth hacking agency.

Action driven

All their know-how and tools are geared toward taking action, leaving little space for theories that waste time and do not get results under a growth hacking agency.

Phases of growth hacking:

Growth hacking is all about the process. There’s only a point in starting experiments with a method and applying techniques with a purpose under a SaaS marketing agency.

Product-Market Fit

In this first step, you must consider the product’s and market’s alignment. Product-Market Fit commits to creating a product that is needed by the market and can satisfy its requirement under a growth hacking agency.

It is essential to understand people, their requirements and desires, motivations, and their buying journey. Then, developing products they want or need to use is possible. 

This stage often explains the defeat of many products placed in the wrong market or created without targeting the audience’s needs under a SaaS marketing agency.

Growth hacks

The second phase consists of demanding growth hacks. It is where the team formulates hypotheses, experiments come to life, and the first users arrive. 

The intention is to identify which changes can generate the fastest and most cost-effective results under a growth hacking agency.

To do this, the growth hackers must look at the product and, based on their know-how and intuition, find vulnerabilities and opportunities for growth under a SaaS marketing agency.

Scale and dissemination

Growth hacking is a strategy that seeks to use as few resources as possible. Thus, the ideal way to approach it is by getting your consumers to become your product’s propagators – and earn some benefit from that under a growth hacking agency.

Optimization and retention

Finally, it would help if you optimized the solution to improve usability and satisfy users. If this happens, the experiment is finished and approved. 

From there, it can become a process in the company. The goal is to retain the consumers you have won to consolidate the customer base under a SaaS marketing agency.

How is growth hacking executed?

Growth hacking is neither a scheme nor a plan. It’s an approach: an ongoing process that, ideally, never ends. Tests are performed continuously, and their results are measured before taking any action under a SaaS marketing agency.