Unlock the Benefits of the Quebec Investor Program

The province of Quebec has long been renowned for its strong economy, quality of life, and cultural vibrancy. It is no surprise then that many aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs are drawn to the region for its unique opportunities. One such opportunity is the quebec investor program, a program that provides foreign investors with Canadian permanent residence in exchange for making an investment in a designated fund. If you’re considering investing in the program and want to learn more about it, read on! 

What is the Quebec Investor Program? 

The Quebec Investor Program is a pathway to Canadian permanent residency for qualified applicants who meet certain criteria and make an eligible investment of $220,000 CAD into a designated fund. This program was designed to attract experienced business people from all over the world who can contribute not only financially but also culturally to Quebec’s vibrant economy. 

Benefits of Investing in the QIP 

There are numerous benefits associated with investing in the QIP. First, as a successful applicant you will receive Canadian permanent residence status, granting you access to all of Canada’s benefits including free healthcare and education services. You will also be eligible to apply for citizenship after three years if desired. Additionally, you will have access to some of Canada’s most attractive tax rates which are among some of the lowest rates globally. Furthermore, since Canada does not impose capital gains taxes on investments made outside their borders, any profits gained from your QIP investment may be kept tax-free. Finally, by becoming a permanent resident through this program you will have access to visa-free travel across more than 160 countries including those within Europe’s Schengen Area! 

Requirements for Applying To The QIP 

In order to apply for this program you must meet certain requirements such as having sufficient net worth and language proficiency levels in either English or French (both preferred). You must also demonstrate at least two years’ experience managing a business or leading employees as well as prove your intent to settle permanently in Quebec upon approval of your application. Additionally, applicants must be able to make an eligible investment of $220,000 CAD into a designated fund supported by Investissement Québec – Immigration Québec (IQ-IQ). These funds are managed by private sector companies that invest in small-to-medium enterprises located primarily within Quebec but also across Canada. 


The Quebec Investor Program offers many benefits for those seeking Canadian permanent residency status while making an eligible investment into one of IQ-IQ’s approved funds. In addition to gaining access to all Canadian benefits like visa-free travel across more than 160 countries and some of the world’s lowest taxation rates on capital gains earned abroad; successful applicants will also be able to apply for citizenship after three years if desired! So if you meet all eligibility requirements and want take advantage of this opportunity don’t hesitate – start your application today!