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Trends In Table Lighting


Now that summer is approaching, social gatherings at the table are usually more common, and lighting plays an important role.

Creating the perfect environment with lighting is often synonymous with comfort, being comfortable at the table.

Lighting is a vital part because it is the one that creates the visual scene, a well-lit full table will cause a feeling of comfort to occur while we are eating or having dinner, the trends in desktop lighting are varied.

The most classic thing is the lighting that comes from a suspended lamp on the ceiling, although lately the sets or combinations of several lights have gained strength, different sizes or heights can be an excellent option to make it beautiful or decorate while we illuminate.

It is about looking above all for visual comfort that we are not enjoying an evening at the table and have a lamp giving us a light that bothers us.

It is also very possible to illuminate the table with a pole lamp if there is no light point above the table area.

Industrial or metallic style lamps are pieces that decorate themselves, becoming protagonists of the tabletop, these endow with a certain retro air to the composition in the table.

A large lampshade with a good lower diffuser that dims the light source and dissipates light efficiently throughout the table is also a great idea, especially in very large dining rooms where the screen does not fill the space, which would give a feeling of “small room.” Get your best designs here.

Design lamps, sometimes not as visually comfortable, are the center of attention of the ceiling suspension, many times made more for a decorative visual effect than for light efficiency.

In short, we have to find the right balance between design and visual comfort, something that fits decoratively in the space for the dining room but at the same time, provides us with enough light to enjoy the table and its preparations.

The option of using dimmable lighting will allow us to regulate the light depending on the type of event.