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The Texas Resale Certificate: How to Obtain One and Why You Need It

Texan business owners will likely have heard of the “Texas resale certificate.” This certification is an indispensable tool that enables tax-free procurement of goods and services meant for reselling. Our article aims to guide Texan entrepreneurs through acquiring their own Texas resale certificate while also stressing its importance.

What is a Texas Resale Certificate?

Businesses in Texas selling tangible personal property rely on a “Texas Resale Certificate ” granted by the state’s comptroller of public accounts. By providing this certification, companies can acquire products or services without being charged any taxes at the point of sale, eliminating double taxation and assuring that organizations procuring items for resale do not have to address additional expenses by way of initial taxes incurred during their purchases.

How to Obtain a Texas Resale Certificate?

The process of obtaining a Texas resale certificate is straightforward and involves the following steps:

  • Step 1: Register with the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

To procure a Texas resale certificate for your business, it is vital that you first register with the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. The registration procedure can be done online, by traditional mail or by visiting their office in person. Post-registration, you will receive an exclusive taxpayer ID, an imperative requirement for obtaining the resellers’ permit.

  • Step 2: Complete Form 01-339

To apply for a Texas resale certificate, the business owner or representative must complete Form 01-339, Texas Sales and Use Tax Resale Certificate. The form is available online and can be completed electronically or printed and completed manually. The completed form must be signed and dated by an authorized business representative.

  • Step 3: Present the Certificate at the Time of Purchase

Upon finishing up with all the crucial paperwork presenting it to the seller becomes imperative while proceeding with your purchase transaction. The provided form comprehensively captures every piece of information necessary for them to verify whether your business qualifies for a waiver from paying sales tax. It’s important to note that confirming eligibility exclusively falls under their jurisdiction.

Why You Need a Texas Resale Certificate

A Texas resale certificate is essential for any business engaged in selling tangible personal property. Here are some reasons why you need a Texas resale certificate:

  • Save Money

A significant advantage of possessing a Texas resale certificate is the exemption from tax when businesses procure goods and services for resale. This enables companies to decrease spending on purchases and lower their overhead expenses.

  • Comply with Texas Sales Tax Laws

Businesses that procure goods or services for resale without a valid resale certificate will be obligated to pay sales tax on those purchases. Failure to adhere to Texas sales tax policies could incur penalties, fines, and legal action. A prudent step towards full compliance is obtaining a resale certificate, which helps companies avoid potential legal tussles.

  • Build Good Relationships with Vendors

When a business provides a resale certificate during its purchase, it proves its legitimacy by selling tangible personal property. This simple act can establish trust with suppliers and pave the way for improved pricing and other advantageous deals.


Obtaining a Texas resale certificate is a vital step for any business engaged in selling tangible personal property. The process is straightforward and involves:

  • Registering with the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.
  • Completing Form 01-339.
  • Presenting the certificate at the time of purchase.

For those who conduct business in Texas, obtaining a resale certificate becomes an important step toward maximizing their profits and staying compliant with local regulations. By providing access to tax exemptions and promoting strong relationships between vendors and businesses, this certification presents several significant benefits that savvy entrepreneurs cannot overlook.