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The scope of technology in the Industrial field and the way it is minimalizing human interventions:

The technological advancements in the field of industry has made human interventions minimal. And with new and more cutting edge innovative ideas coming along the prospects of use of human resources are now minimal. The only thing that has remained constant however in this context is the dependence of machines on human when it comes to maintenance. You see no matter how advanced the current technology is, it is bound to take human help when it comes to maintenance. Now however, some advancements have been made in this particular sphere as well. You see development of predictive maintenance system has reduced human involvement in maintenance work.

Understanding preventive maintenance system and its working:

There are basically two types of maintenance system present in today’s industrial sector. The first one is Preventive Maintenance system. As the name suggests this particular system prevents any malfunction in a machine. This is done by maintenance workers. They generally take surveys of machines in an industrial setup. This is to make sure that the machines are working in right conditions. These surveys help the maintenance workers to find faulty parts of a machine. On the other hand, the predictive maintenance system is operated by machines themselves. This is to say that the machines are programmed with special algorithms so that they can asses the working conditions and predict which parts of a machine are likely to develop problems.

Read this to know how Thailand is making progress in the maintenance system:

Thailand has made considerable progress however in switching to a predictive maintenance system from a preventive maintenance system. This has been made possible by industrial solutions firms. Firms are the reason why Thailand is doing well in rejuvenating its industrial sector in the post lockdown situation. To know more you can visit official websites of these Industrial solutions firms.