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Starting a Bakery

If you are a baker and are constantly being praised for your treats, you may be thinking about starting your own bakery. Baked goods are something that almost any person will stop for, which is encouraging for a startup business. While this doesn’t guarantee success, it does make it a little easier to go for. Here are four things you will need if you are thinking about starting a bakery.


In order to make sure you succeed and keep your business going, you need to make a plan for your bakery. Included in the plan should be your set budget, what you need, and a rough estimate on how long it will take you to break even. It takes time to become a thriving business, so your plan should be one that includes long timing and patience.


If you want to start a bakery you will need a place where people can come order or pick up. You may start your business form your home, but if you wish to get bigger you will ultimately need to move into a set place that will have everything you need. Although a customer-friendly location means you will need to purchase bakery store fixtures, it will allow you to display more goods and sell more goods.


Pricing your goods is not as easy as picking an amount that sounds good to you. Several prices behind the item will determine the price of the item. Your ingredients, time, and packaging supplies all have to be thought of. When you sell something, the cost of it should cover everything it took to put into it. You may want to consider having certain specials each week or giving a discounted rate when a customer buys a product in bulk. This helps persuades customers to buy more.


Once your business is ready to be opened, you need to find ways to let the community know you are there. Plan your opening day to be a celebration with free samples and prizes for those who come to the shop. Placing flyers throughout the community will let people see what’s happening, but word of mouth can help establish the details. Be sure to promote your bakery through social media, as almost everyone will be able to see it on there.

Starting your own business can be a little scary, but when you know your product and have thought about what you are doing, it really is a piece of cake. Keep these tips in mind when putting your business on the market.

James Harrison: James, a supply chain expert, shares industry trends, logistics solutions, and best practices in his insightful blog.