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How you can paste a silicone

In order to gum silicone together, you have to find out what material it is made with . Silicone is simply an elastomer  with high temperature resistance.

It is quite hard to gum, and the only adhesive that can adhere are only those that are composed of silicone and  cyanoacrylate adhesive after you must applied correct surface preparation.

What is silicone?

silicone can be defined as a high  performance elastometric  materials in also has a wide variety of uses and it is also found in either seals or joint because of its flexibility and ability to compress.

That is why sometimes the silicone rubber price(which is the term in Thaiยางซิลิโคน ราคา) is a bit high.

Some other uses are  flexible medical equipments, surgical implants. A big thank you to high temperature  resistance. It’s growing so fast  to be popular especially in kitchen utensils and so on. While it’s ability to non stick offers some clues to how hard it can be to stick silicone.

How To glue Silicone

Surface preparation

Nothing much can be done  to  get the silicone surface improved, since it’s definitely going to have plasticizers that migrate to put to the problem union.

Using a Cloth  With isopropanol cleaner


The solvents use to clean up the surface will have to prepare the silicone for bonding and removing any processing lubricant  that is present. Therefore bonding surface  ready for  priming is gotten.

Adhesive selection

Having it in mind that there are not much options  available in  industrial adhesive for bonding silicone which will offer strong and secure joints,  the following are highly recommended solutions.

Silicone adhesive

This tend to work well in order to glue Silicone hence they are only based on the same Materials. But Incase you’re  fast cure this is not the best solution.

Cyanoacrylate adhesive

Permabond  is the favourite for the silicone bonding, because of its flexibility and it doesn’t modify the feel of silicone.  In the case where they adhesive is used it is very hard  to detect the bond. Hence its always soft as the base.