How to utilize review content in your marketing?

How to Utilize Customer Reviews to Create Compelling Marketing Content


There’s no opposing that consumers don’t have faith in brands like they used to. Brand trust is actually at an all-time low. In today’s market, you must have your customers speak on your behalf if you want to satisfy shoppers to buy your products or services under the Product Sampling Program

The business-to-consumer (B2C) economy is rapidly converting into the consumer-to-consumer (C2C) economy because that’s who shoppers want to hear from — other like-minded shoppers, not you under the Sampling agency.

Effectively anyone can get online and share their incident with your label, products, and services — and in today’s e-commerce atmosphere, that’s the content that drives how other shoppers recognize your brand under the Product Sampling Program.

The perfect method to pass your consumers the microphone is through UGC, which is photos, feedback, videos, etc., generated by an individual rather than a brand under the Sampling agency. Enabling your customers to present authentic references and UGC of your products for other customers to see is the minimum.


Samplrr assists brands with customized business techniques to generate product awareness of new and current products to have a broader reach within the aimed audience.

As a Product Sampling Agency, Sampler introduces a unique mixture of technology, strategic center group sampling, and accomplished marketing professionals to associate with potential customers through approximated activations. We help raise new products in the market and collect valuable customer reviews.

How to utilize review content in your marketing

More UGC in more areas

According to our current Shopper Experience Index, an annual report looking at consumer behavior and attitude, almost all (86%) of customers read shopper feedback when grazing or purchasing under the Product Sampling Program. 

UGC is expected on the product page as a bare minimum under the Sampling agency. But it would help if you were looking to showcase it elsewhere too. Shoppers find it so valuable; why would you restrict its value? 

Where to use review content

Let’s start with the where. Here are a few places you might not have observed. 

Online advertising 

Whether on-site banners or accomplished social media posts, there are various methods to use UGC, both written and visible, in online advertising under the Sampling agency. Almost half (40%) of customers say UGC makes them more likely to purchase a product from an advertisement under the Product Sampling Program. 


As mentioned, UGC should be present on your product sites. But why pause there? From the web page to the FAQ page to headers and footers, insert your vocal advocates’ information and references (and maybe even visual content). Recognize that shoppers love listening to other shoppers. So let them.

Social posts

Social media is the perfect platform to use UGC organically because most people aren’t just there to interact. Social media have inspired 69% of shoppers to make a buy. Giving photos and videos from your customers not only assists you in encouraging those purchases but also makes your consumers feel appreciated, seen, and part of your label under the Product Sampling Program. 

Print advertising

Shoppers are annoyed at seeing the same old ads in magazines and newspapers, filled with bland, overacted product photos and models, making the products seem inaccessible under the Product Sampling Program. Over half (53%) of shoppers say UGC makes them more convinced in purchasing than professional photography. Show them pictures of their peers to better envision themselves using or wearing your product under the Sampling agency. 

In-store advertising

Shoppers are already looking at responses on their phones while shopping in-shop. Why not give it to them yourself? Print UGC on in-shop exhibits that can come from shelves or in passages. Or, make them practical — 36% of shoppers want to see valuable displays showing customer responses, photos, and videos under the Product Sampling Program. 

On product covering 

When a shopper collects a product to inspect and learn more, add additional input from consumers who have purchased it under the Sampling agency. Give consumers a full 360 view of the product from people like themselves.

How to use review content

Firstly, always check with your legal team to ensure you’re constantly compliant as rules and regulations change under the Product Sampling Program. Once you’ve done that, here’s how to utilize it.

Terms and Conditions

When submitting UGC, ensure consumers agree to use their content beyond the product site. Customers love to leave response content but may want not to be caught off guard by seeing it elsewhere, mainly if it includes imagery under the Product Sampling Program. 

Using review snippets

A frequently asked question during our Summit presentation was about using review snippets. You’ll sometimes want only to use a part of a review in your advertising. 

Keep up with changing laws.

UGC marketing is still relatively new in the grand advertising strategy, with social content even more so under the Sampling agency. If you utilize UGC as marketing, it becomes a form of advertising. That means it comes under analysis from government laws. As such, we see the rules around this evolving regularly worldwide, so your legal team needs to stay informed of your country’s governance under the Product Sampling program.