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How To Get An Outdoor Advertising License?

The procedure you have to follow to obtain an outdoor advertising license is to submit an application form and the documentation required by the city council. However, the process to apply for the outdoor advertising license can be done online through its website. If you choose to process the license in person, you must go to the registration offices or the activities agency of the city council.

To manage an urban planning license such as an advertising license (ใบอนุญาตโฆษณา, which is the term in Thai) or publicity on public roads, it is best to put yourself in the hands of professionals. In some municipalities, city councils authorize private entities to manage urban planning licenses.

Documentation Required To Obtain An Outdoor Advertising License

As the procedure to manage this type of licenses depends on the municipalities, the necessary documentation will depend on each one of them. In general, what all the consistories ask for is:

  1. The standard general application form to obtain permission to place advertisements must be signed by the interested party, or the person or company acting on their behalf.
  1. An explanatory report in which it is exposed what type of outdoor advertising or publicity on public roads is intended to install. The report must state how the advertising message is to be transmitted, its technical conditions, lighting conditions, indications about the location, etc.

When the characteristics of the advertising elements require a technical project, the following must be provided:

  1. The technical project drawn up by an architect or a registered engineer in which the visa of the corresponding professional college must appear.
  2. Photographs of the advertising elements and installations that will serve as advertisements and of their location on the property and public roads.
  3. The photocopy of the building license or, failing that, the presentation of specific data from the file.
  4. The corresponding authorizations of the scaffolding, when this is required for the installation of the advertising elements.
  5. The supporting documents that demonstrate the payment of the applicable urban taxes and the payment of taxes on constructions, works or facilities.