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How food and travel coincide with each other?

Food is the best motivator. It is saying that it is generally used in Asian countries. But it is not only true in Asia though. People around the globe are now actually keen to explore different types of cuisine. Executive chefs around the world are actually trying to harness different types of cuisine into a plate which is now called the fusion good. There is also a new profession that had emerged in the food business that is good travelers. This is basically when people travel to different parts of the world in order to understand different cuisines and their culture through their food. One of the most common things that you get to see from this food travelers is the street food tour.

Why should you take a street food tour in Bangkok?

Bangkok, for example, the capital of Thailand sees so many people coming to the city around the world in order to see the city. Amongst these tourists, there is a group that comes especially to taste Thai food and Thai cuisine in general. This is the reason why so many travelers take a street food tour in the city. Basically, they try to understand how the sophisticated luxury food of Thai cuisine differs from that of the street food of Thailand. They also take other cuisines into account. Like for example any foodie who visits Bangkok for the food also visits the place called Chinatown to see how the Chinese cuisine has adapted to the Thai culture and cuisine in general. The Chinatown offers regular Chinese food and cuisine to the tourists.

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So if your mouth is watering because of all the Thai and Chinese cuisine stuff mentioned above then make sure you take a good tour next time you visit Bangkok. And here you will need guidance from a good tourist guide. And in order to hire the best tour guide and tourism company, in general, make sure you visit the official website of Sawasdee tuk tuk online.

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