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How Do You Know Which One Is The Best Yarn For Your Socks?

To select a yarn for your socks might feel like an easy task but that is what most people do while choosing a sock for themselves. In the end, you will find those socks lying in one corner of your drawer without been touched for a longer time. Thus, finding a perfect yarn for your socks is as important as any other cloth.

It is just like a trial-and-error method. A sock yarn that best suits you would be the one that needs to withstand the constant stretching and abrasion which happens during your regular wear.

Here are some tips for people who are confused as to which one is suitable for them:

  • First is selecting a fibre for your socks. Wool is one very good material that is suitable for sock knitting. It is breathable and can adjust to any temperature. It also has elasticity which is very important when it comes to socks as they need to be bouncy and stretchable. Some of the good sock yarn Australiacan be Opal sock yarn which is 75% wool and 25% nylon. You get them at the Yarn traders which has this kind of socks in a variety of colours.
  • When it comes to socks, soft can be the superior quality as they can tear out very easily due to abrasion. Thus, you need to select a sturdy material, as most people like to have harsher yarns for their skin.
  • Sock yarns are all of the different weights but for your feet, lightweight can also suit well but it all depends on an individual.
  • The aftercare is very important when it comes to socks. Most of them nowadays can be just washed in the machine but it depends on the material you choose.
  • Lastly colour is going to be the main criteria but it all depends on you.

Hope this information can help you find the best yarn.