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Highlights On Business Translation

How to Avoid International Marketing Mistakes

As experts in professional translation, business translation or corporate translation, as it is also called, consists of the translation of documentation related to business communication:

  • Correspondence translation
  • Translation of commercial agreements
  • Translation of accounting documents
  • Translation of financial documents
  • Insurance document translation
  • Marketing document translation

For example, in the translation of agreements, contracts, deeds, etc., also called legal translation, when we consider the application of the current legislation of the host country, it is essential to have a professional who performs the translation of each clause of the contracts entered into between the parties. It may also be necessary to translate the legal documents necessary to start the business and to publicize the legal framework of the market in which the company will be established.

Corporate Translation for Companies

Currently, company translation includes website translation and company content translation: video subtitles, emails, newsletters, blogs, among others. These components are the letter of introduction of the businesses and far additional among associate group action methods. Presenting the contents within the language of the country within which the corporate is put in will increase the chances of insertion, sale and improvement of the company’s social name.

Business Translation and Responsibility

Unlike German translation, (รับ แปล ภาษา เยอรมัน, which is the term in Thai)The translation for businesses or corporate translation acquires a much greater dimension when we speak in terms of responsibility. Both languages, cultural or customs differences or communication skills continue to exist beyond the globalization phenomenon that the world is going through. Therefore, they are issues to consider when planning the internationalization of a company. Companies must also adapt the linguistic aspects of their communication. That is: forms, linguistic turns, expressions and others, of the country to which they are directed. This factor can cause what in one country means one thing, in another country with another language or other linguistic expressions it means something different.

To know about Write a review [เขียนรีวิว, which is the term in Thai], please follow the link.

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