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Gain higher ranking by learning about outdated SEO tactics

With changing business environment it is very essential to formulate an impeccable and trendy optimization technique so that your website won’t have to suffer from penalties and ban. In Duluth, most of the business owners prefer to acquire genuine services of professionals who make them aware about the obsolete trends in SEO. If you want to keep your business website up to date and customer interactive then it is recommended to hire Hook Agency Duluth SEO service.

Different obsolete techniques in SEO

Exact use of anchor text

At present when you do such kind of endeavor then search engine like Google can penalize or may even put a ban on your web portal. Using precise anchor text provides an unnatural link to your website, thus professionals provide anchor text by putting themselves in place of your prospective and loyal customers. These days, professional optimizers prefer to use longer anchor texts instead of using precise ones.

Reciprocated linking

Previously, many sites used to provide reciprocated linking to each other so that they may increase indexing on various search engines. If you keep on vouching for similar tactic then there is a possibility that your site may get banned. In many cases, websites have started to provide reciprocal liking to irrelevant web portals. Expert optimizers prefer to use tactical off-page and on-page link building which not only increases the ranking but it will also define the niche for your website.

Keyword stuffing

This is another obsolete tactic which you should avoid. Writing a blog with too many keywords will make your content fluff which can blacklist your website. Professionals on the other hand write articles around the keyword. Thus, they look more genuine, well presented and more user informative in nature. Professionals also search for trendy keywords about a topic over the internet and also make you aware about the one which is been used by your immediate rival.