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Content Creation For SEO: Quantity Or Quality?

One of the main strategies of search engine optimization is content creation. All digital marketing experts recommend that your website have a blog where you publish articles of interest frequently. However, one of the big questions that companies ask themselves is, how often should you write, and what characteristics should it have to be of quality?

How Quality Content Is Defined

For an SEO agency strategy to work, high-quality content needs to be published throughout the site, not just the blog. If you ask yourself, how is the quality content? To answer this question, you must take into account several factors and understand the ultimate goal of search engines: to provide quality content for all its users.

Google has hundreds of algorithms, of which Panda and Penguin are in charge of evaluating the content and determining its quality for a good classification. Google has established some general guidelines for quality that are sought in content and that other search engines, such as Yahoo or Bing, also follow its guidelines:

  • Create pages for users, not for search engines
  • Do not cheat users or give false information
  • Do not use tricks to improve ranking
  • Offer value to customers.
  • Find the unique point of sale for your company.

Why Is Quality Content Important?

The job of Google and all search engines is to answer user questions with the best results. The leap in search engine development aims to integrate into the way people speak, interact and use current technology.

However, the search method and technology has changed, that is why quality content must now have other characteristics, such as an easy-to-understand language for everyone, a good extension in content, originality in texts, good writing. And that they are accompanied by graphic elements (images, videos, infographics, gifs, among others). In addition, they must be accompanied by a good website design to provide the best user experience.