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Benefits Of Using A Self Storage Unit For Your Business

Space – it’s becoming more and more critical for businesses. As a business owner, you can’t fail to think about space and how it impacts the company as a whole. From productivity to creating a positive work environment, there is a lot to consider.

As a result, you might be considering a self-storage unit to reduce clutter. However, with money a little tight, you need to know that the pros outweigh the cons. Otherwise, it’s a waste and the firm will suffer. To help you understand how a storage unit can be a good thing, this post has outlined the benefits of corporate self-storage.

Carry on reading to find out more.

Increased Productivity

It’s not a myth that a storage unit helps to boost a company’s productivity levels. The simple fact is that employees need a clean and hygienic workplace to do their best work. Without it, their standards will drop and they’ll soon start to slack-off. Clearing away the clutter not only makes them more willing to do their job, but it also helps mentally. A clear office space means their minds are less likely to be filled with rubbish, the stuff that encourages them to make bad decisions. A self-storage unit then will free their mind and let them focus on the task at hand.


Leave Work Where It Belongs

Entrepreneurs do whatever they can to get their startup off the ground. If that means taking business assets home and storing them in a spare room, then so be it! Of course, this mentality means you can never get away from work and find the right balance between life and making a profit. A storage unit allows you to store your company’s valuables away from your home so that you don’t have to put up with them 24 hours a day. 

Safety & Security

Just because your company assets aren’t onsite or in your garden shed doesn’t mean they aren’t safe. The likes of Henfield Storage take the security of your belongings seriously. In fact, they treat them as if your stuff is theirs and take due care and attention when it comes to its safety. With CCTV cameras and security guards present 24/7, you can sleep soundly knowing that your money-makers aren’t going anywhere. Plus, some companies include contents insurance in case anything goes wrong. If the self-storage supplier you’re with doesn’t, you can take out a policy for peace of mind.

Short-Term Leases

Entrepreneurs never know what is going to happen from one day to the next. One minute the business is ticking along nicely, and the next, there are pressing liquidity issues. Committing to a lease then is tricky because you need to be able to cut it short when money is tight. The good thing about self-storage companies is that they have short-term leases for businesses that require flexibility. By signing up to a six-month or one-month rolling deal, you’ll never have to worry about tying up company funds.

The benefits of self-storage units for businesses are wide-ranging. Will you invest in one for the sake of your company?

James Harrison: James, a supply chain expert, shares industry trends, logistics solutions, and best practices in his insightful blog.