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Attract customers with the good information counter

An information counter is a desk from where you can get information on any residential or commercial premises. A person is employed on the desk that helps the people with all the necessary information. The information counter personnel must have complete knowledge about the area in order to guide others. An information counter must have all the facilities for storing accessories and files that are needed to provide information. Different type of information counters is used now-a-days to make the process of providing information easy. Information Counter [เคาน์เตอร์ ประชาสัมพันธ์, which is the term in Thai] is the guide for people visiting the premise.

Types of the information counter

  • Curved information counter: A curved information counter is a modern-day information counter which looks sleek and sophisticated. This is suitable for areas that have large space as they use more space than a standard counter.
  • Straight information counter: It the traditional form of information counter. This type of information counter uses less space and can be fitted in any room. It improves the efficiency of the person attending the desk.
  • L-shaped information counter: It is a combination of both the curved and the straight information counter. It is straight from one side and has a barrier to another side. It is a modern form of information counter with a traditional theme.

Rules for the good information counter

  • Listen to customers: One of the important things that add to good information counter is that the staff must be very attentive. Listen carefully to what the question is and then give necessary information.
  • Waiting area: Your information counter must have a waiting area to allow people to sit if the counter is attending other customers. The wait should be made comfortable to provide good service.
  • Information: The staff must be provided with all the information that can help them to provide information to visitors.
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