Write the content that sells in 2019

If you are a blogger or a freelance writer, you must be always struggling with new ideas to write content that would actually sell. One of the most underrated skills in today’s world is copywriting.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is basically writing a content that would actually sell for you or close the deal for you. With copywriting you are actually persuading people to take an action that you want them to take.

How copywriting blend with your content

You can dilute your original content with some copywriting to make it stronger and more persuasive. Now you should not make mistakes like writing content only for sell or self promotion or just all copy. Your content must remain relevant to your topics and you should keep giving people the same valuable opinions and content that you have been giving them yet. But you can apply some copywriting tips to make your content more powerful.

Some useful tips

Here are a few tips you could apply in your writing:

  • Always write in a conversational tone.
  • You are writing content for your people so you should write in a way that it is all about them. Always use the ‘you’ word the most.
  • Always use words like ‘secret’ ‘powerful’ etc. These are call power words. Learn more about them.
  • People must believe that they are benefitting from your content so always put emphasis on that.

Do not forget to rank yourself higher with the SEO

You can write flawless and persuasive content but you must need good traffic first. You need to sell to people so it is important to first get those people. Do take the help of an agency to increase your SEO rankings quickly. Go with a company in your location. If you are in Thailand, search for seo services thailand. Go with the company that you find best suitable as per your requirements.

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