5 Characteristics a business owner Should Have!

5 Characteristics of the Entrepreneur What’s a business owner? Based on Wikipedia, a business owner is an individual who has having a company, or venture, and assumes significant responsibility for the natural risks and also the outcome. To translate it into layman’s terms, a business owner owns a company which the entrepreneur accounts for the […]

The Correlation Between Effective Entrepreneurs and Endurance Athletes

Remember statistics class and the idea of the correlation coefficient – this month we’re going through the R2 between effective entrepreneurs and effective endurance athletes. While serious statistics reveal that the possibilities against accomplishing either if “success” is measured by generating millions within an IPO or just being a high finisher at Kona, I’d the […]

The Seven Greatest Mistakes That Entrepreneurs Make

Which of them are you currently making? How will you prevent them? I had been lately requested to perform a presentation with my associates in a breakfast seminar for business clients. We’d showed up in the title “Seven Greatest Mistakes that Entrepreneurs Make” before I’d their email list prepared, and so i made the decision […]

Entrepreneur and Business – Characteristics of the True Entrepreneur

The effective entrepreneur should be: ยท determined: This is really the most crucial characteristic whenever a person starts a brand new business. The entrepreneur has to understand that you will see occasions, mainly in the beginning, that you need to work pressurized. They’ll invest a lot of their personal amount of time in e-commerce. Their […]