4 Simple Rules that will help you Set up a Recognizable Brand Identity

Beginning a brand new business quite a bit of work. Regardless of type or size your company, spending some time on creating your brand identity is vital. Your brand identity includes, however is not restricted to, the shades and emblem that you employ to represent your company. It might appear simple, however your emblem is […]

Do You Want a brandname Like a Leader?

Repeatedly, I have seen how branding can take shape more powerful companies, catapult individual careers, and result in more and more greater achievements. Within my years like a brander and marketer in Fortune 100 companies, I observed this phenomenon firsthand – both with corporate brands and private brands. Yes, branding works best for everybody – […]

Think You Do Not Have a brandname? WRONG! Why Business to business Companies Need Great Branding

Big companies understand the significance of great branding. To be able to stick out from competitors in crowded global marketplaces, brand managers are continually curating their company’s brand story, philosophy, and client execution. When done extremely well, a product can replace an over-all noun within the cultural vernacular (think Kleenex, Band-A and Publish-It) and therefore […]